Podcasts and audio

These podcasts were first recorded for DukeBox, the Wellington College radio station, by Archivist Caroline Jones. Using material from the archives she examines an eclectic mix of topics from College history, in some cases relating them to broader social or political themes. The page also contains original sound archives relating to the College.

The Story of Music From Mars

A closer look at the creation and performance of the College’s special 1959 ‘Centenary Opera’, Music From Mars

The Wellington Scene – part 2

An audio snapshot of College life in 1972.

The Wellington Scene – part 1

An audio snapshot of College life in 1972.

Music From Mars – part 2

Recording of ‘Music from Mars’, a short opera performed by Wellington boys in 1959.

Music From Mars – part 1

Recording of ‘Music from Mars’, a short opera performed by Wellington boys in 1959.

The Wellington College Observatory

Find out how Wellington teachers contributed to the world of astronomy, and students were able to observe Saturn’s rings, Jupiter and its moons, Comet Whipple, the Orion nebula, and much more.

Queen Elizabeth II and Wellington College

Following the passing of our Visitor, Queen Elizabeth II, we look back on her long association with the College.

Dreadful Dinners!

Using the House record book, we explore the opinions that Picton students had on their food back in the 1800s.

The First Wellington Girls

What was life like for the first girls at Wellington? How did they cope in a male-dominated environment? Caroline Jones explores the archives to find out.

Epidemics are Nothing New

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we look at other health epidemics the College has faced in the past, and finds out how they dealt with them.

The Great Fire of Wellington

In this episode of ‘Out of the Archives’, we learn about the biggest fire that Wellington College has ever experienced.

The Kingsleys

Exploring the history of the College’s iconic Kingsley races.

Hurdles and Hail: Athletic Sports at Wellington

Caroline discusses the history of Athletic Sports at Wellington, including some of the more unusual events no longer included.

Popular Music in the 60s & 70s

Discover the musical tastes of Wellingtonians in the late 60s and early 70s, and how the College hosted concerts with some fairly big names.

The History of Speech Day

Tracing the history of Speech Day, from simple beginnings through Edwardian grandeur to the present day.

Mud and Maniacs: A History of Swimming at Wellington

Exploring the history of Wellington’s swimming facilities and the origins of the iconic ‘Maniacs’ competition.