Archive films and online events

Here you can explore original archive footage of Wellington College, and also some of the online talks, interviews and chats featuring our history which the Wellington Community has hosted in recent years.

Our Royal Visitor

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, Caroline Jones looks back at her five visits to Wellington College and chats to OWs who remember those occasions in 1959, 1974 and 2009.

Opening of Queen’s Court, 1974

The official film showing the visit of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh to open Queen’s Court, including the ceremony and other parts of their visit.

The Kingsley races, 1963

This excerpt from a longer film made by teacher Peter Pockley in 1962-4 shows the last Kingsleys run over the Blackwater Meadows course.

Summer term and royal visit, 1959

A film made by Tony Glyn-Jones during his final term as a Wellington student in Summer 1959. It includes the royal visit, Tony’s friends relaxing on the roof, a CCF inspection, and Speech Day.

Royal Visit for College Centenary, 1959

The official film made at Wellington to record the visit of HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh on 8 May 1959, showing details of their tour.

A Visitor from the Past, 1959

Made for the College’s Centenary in 1959, this fascinating film presents a year in the life of Wellington College at that date, imaginatively framed as a visit from the 1st Duke of Wellington. Content includes cricket, athletics, swimming, rugby and the Kingsleys; scenes of dormitory life including ‘fug rugger’, a ‘brew up’ and a ‘fag call’; and a CCF inspection.

Speech Day and sports, 1954-5

A short film sent to us by OW George Curtis, filmed by his father, Arthur. It opens with footage of Speech Day, 1955, showing the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester arriving by helicopter. Next is athletics on Rockies, probably the annual Standards competition, and lastly footage of 1954’s Kingsley races at Blackwater Meadows, when George Curtis won the Little Kingsley.

The Bombing of Wellington College

Archivist Caroline Jones tells the story of how the College was bombed in 1940, killing the Master, Robert Longden.

Chatting to Common Room of the 1990s

Caroline Jones interviews former Wellington teachers Roger Auger, Glen Waugh, Nick Jones and Jane Lunnon about College life in the 1990s.

Chatting to Common Room of the 1980s

Caroline Jones interviews former Wellington teachers Mike Bawden, Howard Tomlinson, Mark Slater and Julia Bennamar about College life in the 1980s.

Chatting to Common Room of the 1970s

Caroline Jones interviews former Wellington teachers Joe Tierney, Hugh Atkins, Paul Spillane and Derek Swift about College life in the 1970s.

Chatting to Common Room of the 1960s

Caroline Jones interviews former Wellington teachers George Macmillan, Peter White, David Ward and John Macarthur about College life in the 1960s.

Royal Foundation

Archivist Caroline Jones and Head of the Wellington Community Murray Lindo explore the original vision for Wellington College and its links to the current Prince Albert bursary scheme.

The ‘Eve’ of Waterloo Day

Archivist Caroline Jones and Chris Potter (C 60-65) discover more about the Duchess of Richmond’s Ball, and look back on Speech Day and its traditions over the years, including archive film footage from the 1960s and 1970s.

Post-War Wellington

Archivist Caroline Jones chats to OWs Henry Beverley (A 53), Alan Munro (T 53), Martin Kinna (M 58), and Christopher Miers (Bd 59), and finds out about life as a student at 1950s Wellington.